One might say this gift benefits my friends and me because if they’re healthy then they can visit, if not they must say far, far away. I don’t go as far as to take temperatures, or listen to their lungs or do a culture sample before they enter the apartment, but, I do take one preventative measure that benefits all.

You know how you give your friends a health tip and they agree it works but they never do it? This little gift does most of the work for them. It’s easy. I filled a few glass baby food jars with raw honey, a lemon slice and a little bit of distilled water.  It’s a pretty little gift jar to put in their fridge that will help their immune system, help break up phlegm and sooth their throat. I called the gift, “Everything but the Whiskey” because once you add a little bit of whiskey to a cup, warm up a bit of honey and lemon then you’ve got a hot toddy.

The must have in a hot toddy
Raw organic honey and fresh lemon

Optional herbs and spices
fresh ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

Alcohol options for hot toddy
Whiskey, rum, scotch or brandy

For those who may not want the alcohol in it, no worries. Make a tea, just remember your basic ingredients are honey and lemon. Those two together are a super immune system booster. You can make a syrup like I did or combine them as you go. I made the syrup for my friends so they could have it ready.

What about freezing? I’m not a doctor or a medical person so keep in mind this is basic info (recipe) for how to freeze honey and lemon. First, you won’t get a completely solid ice cube, but you can get a decent solid on it. My thought is, if you’re just wanting a cold dose then put the alcohol free ingredients in a jar or container and freeze it. Why ice cube it if its for cough syrup.  Spood it out each dose with a clean spoon.

1 cup fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup raw honey
1 cup room temp or cold water

Have fun giving healthy gifts any time of the year
I gave these gifts this year not for a holiday celebration, but because so many colds were going around. I had one, too. The honey lemon cough syrup I made can be built on by using a larger jar with your favorite mix of spices, When choosing spices, try to use ones that are known to have medicinal qualities like quality cinnamon sticks, whole cloves or my all time favorite GINGER!

Use fresh ingredients, a simple recycled jar, cover the lid with a scrap of pretty material, add a little twine over the lid and give this pretty and healthy gift year around.


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