From the painting " Smirk"The most important part of my paintings are the eyes. When doing figurative work, the first stroke is the left eye. I grow from there. Often I get stuck looking at them as I paint. I get lost in them as if I’m drawing what those eyes are seeing.

I’m going to take a look at the painting “Smirk” which strongly carries the Sundrip signature but with a bit more outward anger. When I look at the eyes they’re a bit frightening, but the Smirk - Availablelonger I study this piece the more I see double.

The eyes separate two dimensions, two realities. There’s one in front and one behind the eyes. What’s in front of his eyes is bold, full and fluid. What’s in his head is tighter at the top and almost a river at the bottom by the lips. I have yet to decide if the orange circle at the bottom is the sun setting on the old to bring in the new. I know one thing, I keep looking at the eyes, just as when I painted it.

A painting with a totally different feel was also started by drawing first the left eye and growing. Just below we see the eyes of a woman who appears tired. Her eyes are well defined. They aren’t surrounded by images on the face or going in different directions like in “Smirk”. I look at the eyes of “Seeking Annie” and see longing, even sadness.

What does she see in her mind?…. Whom does she seek?

From the painting "Seeking Annie"

Who is Annie? …..  Is she Annie?

Seeking Annie

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