I love the new watercolor set. They’re absolutely beautiful. I’ll work with those more as I wait for the palette knives to come in. For some reason the guy on Amazon needs until January 31st to mail these things. Is he literally in the Amazon? For crying out loud! Well, I’ve got a painting in my head that’s not going to wait that long so I’m about to get creative with tools. I’ve routinely seen strange looking spatulas and such in the silverware section of Goodwill. The 20th I have to see the doctor and there’s a big Goodwill right over there so I’ll hop in there and look through the 59 cent silverware box for items that will make fun textures.

I worked with moss last week end to make a moss landscape. It’s sitting in an area where I’m use to seeing a large fish tank. I’ll eventually get used to it but it’s still a struggle to go out there an not see fish. Don’t get me wrong, I like my frogs, especially Pete, it’s just that I had at one time 7 tanks and a small pond inside and now there’s not a single fish in this house. It’ll take some getting use to. Listening to Steve the fire belly toad bark like a dog is going to take awhile to get used to..too.

So the mail ‘lady’ came today and beat on the door like it was an emergency. She uses a door knocker to knuckles combo that makes me want to lose my religion on her.  Just once I want to rip the door open mid bam bam bam and ask her what her problem is. But see, she’s big, butch and scary, so I’m polite. Dear Lord, where do they hire these people, straight from the prison yard? Dang. So, Thugin’ it Postal Woman handed me the Juniper Berry oil and the Rosemary oil I ordered. I said thank you and closed the door. I’ll see a lot of the steroid abuser this next week because I purchased all my toiletries online. Since she’s been bench pressing grown men since the age of three, she’ll have no trouble coming up 2 flight of stairs carrying that 48lbs of cat litter I purchased.


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