I added some of the moss to a very dry tree limb I’ve had for about three years. It usually holds a plant on top but it now has moss in the cracks of it. I’ve been trying to keep it moist. I added moss to a few pieces of bog wood, found strips of bark and several rocks. I like some of it but I think what I really want to do is make the area around my doll house a living yard. At least I could then make the little fence and add stuff here and there. I’ll have to waterproof the house, especially the bottom. I want it contained though, not open sided. The place the doll house sits is perfect, it’s in a perfect spot but I’ll definitely need something shallow to hold a tiny bit of soil and then the moss. I’ve got great stones for a stone walk and to do the bottom of the house. I’m having a lot of fun. The curtains are from material from the curtains in my bedroom. There’s plenty of it so I had to make curtains for the house. Oh, and I’ve been doing tiny paintings because even doll houses should have original art. There will be a doll house fish tank in there, too. I looked up how to do it. 🙂

I’ve been making brush strokes on different grades of watercolor paper and have come to the conclusion that I really like watercolor paper with a tooth.

Tonight I just did black and white sketches as I watched my very first Betty Davis movie (All About Eve) and then a great film, the 1940’s version of Rebecca. Wow! It was a little slow at first but it was worth it. I like a well told story. I’d rather have well developed characters and meat than action and adventure. It seemed to take a bit for me to commit to Rebecca but I’m happy I did. Awesome sauce.

I’ve watched more black and white movies this last month than ever in my life. The more I watch, the more I understand my friend Betty’s view of the world…and of me. Lord have mercy, she was stuck with that singing child Shirley Temple and that dang woman Doris Day! Heck yeah my friend Betty is far removed from reality! Look what she grew up with, look at her role models. She was taught to smile, act like everything is okay and always look perfect when you leave the house. This woman doesn’t want to hear anything bad. God forbid she should ever leave the 50’s!!! I’ve watched a ton of black and white’s but not Shirley Temple. I can’t stand that kid. I’m sorry but I don’t care about the good ship or the dang on lollipop. Stop tap dancing and sit down sweetie. Seriously though, I’ve watched movies and belted out, “Good Lord! No wonder Betty’s screwed” They were so polished, so blind, obedient.

Betty and I talked about the youtube movies. We talked until she started singing Doris Day then I couldn’t go on.  I’m an 80’s kid who wasn’t much into TV. My Sophomore year I shaved both sides of my head and dyed my Mohawk pink. I think I was the only black alternative kid in the state of Indiana. I couldn’t do the hard punk rock music though. I was more into Depeche Mode, The Cure, They Might Be Giants, the Verve Pipe. I suppose we’re all affected by the music and movies of our era but I’d like to think we grow with time and see things with less of a Hollywood slant.

The larger blue doll house, the one undergoing renovation, is very much a project about putting life’s pieces back together. The only reason the doll house could ever be called perfect is because no people will ever live in it, not even plastic people.

Time to sleep

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