I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve or day, but many do and want to write about positive beginnings, letting go and making peace. That’s fine. I take no issue with entries about goals and adjusting to change; but you mustn’t expect that here.

2016 was horrific. I’ve not seen so much destruction of land, property and life shoved into one year and plastered on every media source possible. From across the globe to my front door there’s been tragedy after tragedy. If earthquakes, mud slides, massive fires and flooding wasn’t enough, there was a brutal election to sit through. As if bombs going off, children washing ashore and gigantic sink holes weren’t disturbing enough, there was a mind bending act of terrorism in putting Donald Trump in office. What is wrong with you? Trump is an arrogant pig with a Twitter account, and zero tolerance for anyone but himself. He is an animal. He’s the Adolf Hitler of the United States.

2016 was a nightmare. I lost my baby brother to suicide. I lost my main abuser, the one who branded me disgusting. I’ve lost my inheritance. My sister says she doesn’t love or hate me. She says she’s indifferent. My health plummeted to critical, then “evened out” to only feeling so much pain I’m not certain I’ll keep my sanity. I’m angry; pain makes you angry. I look at myself and see ugly. I think of myself and feel empty.

2017 Predictions – There will be more entries processing self loathing, more abstract art, more working around a body trying to purge itself, and more entries about volunteering in a world nursing hatred like a mother nurses her child… smh…

Do not abuse your free will. It’s a choice, a person can choose not to abuse their free will.

What a pathetic entry this turned out to be.


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