After we got back from the vet I gave Jane her medication and we both went to bed. She’s beside me now purring like she always does only now it’s with one less fang.

Dream: I woke from a dream about antique dolls with two faces. Hundreds of antique dolls at various levels of decay burst from the rotted ceiling and created a pile right up to the broken ceiling beams. Most of the dolls were from other countries, some large, some small. An Arabic man pulled at them with a rake to get the rest to come down. As they passed me I looked for any doll that looked like me, a black doll. From the hundreds that fell through the hole in the ceiling, I was able to see, but not keep, a few dolls that looked like me. These divided dolls were filled with sawdust or covered with porcelain. Some appeared to have been quite fine in their day. I woke from there. Mary Jane needed medication.

Here’s how it started.
I went to the store Tuesday afternoon then came home to find Mary Jane bleeding from her mouth. Her chest had trails of blood and her paws were very bloody. She was frightened and crying. I was trying my best not to freak out. I called Snow to come help because I wasn’t sure what was wrong or what Janie would need. I told Snow, if you can’t stand the sight of blood on Jane and you can’t stand to hear her cry this way then you will be of no help to me. I need someone stable. Snow manned up and put her superwoman suit on.

Jane allowed me to pick her up where I was able to see that one of her fangs was dangling from her mouth. I was worried because I wasn’t sure if she cut her tongue or something. She’s really got some fangs! He looked at her tooth and said it was infected. The tooth was bleeding which he said was part of the infection. He put her on the table, took an instrument and quickly removed the tooth. Before he removed it I said, I think I’ll keep the tooth. I was thinking, ya know, baby teeth. You gotta keep baby teeth. When he slapped that tooth on the table….ca-clank!….. I was like, oh, no, that’s okay, I don’t think I want that! I’m good. I knew the girl had fangs but my goodness! Her 007 name is Ms Fang’s A-lot.

The bad tooth explains her bad temperament these last few days and her odd behavior. She’s been rotten, even destructive. So anyway, the vet said her tooth was really infected and that it came out very easily. He gave me a script for her with a refill. She’s on antibiotics which are free here in Indiana for some pharmacies such as Meijers.

The vet records have her date as the 17th of January in 2001. I had her as March of 2001. She got her tooth extracted on her birthday. We talked about her home life, her appetite, her energy level. He told me she really looks good. He said the only thing that’s really showing age is her teeth. He said that’s normal.

I like her vet. He knows I’m not dragging Jane in every year for her to get pumped full of chemicals they call vaccines. The first few years with me I did that, but when she turned 6 I stopped. There’s no reason for it. He accepts my decision on that and hasn’t given me any slack. She’s only needed emergency care a few times since we’ve been together. I adopted her at age four. My baby is now 16 years old.

Of course all these things went through my head. How will it affect her ability to eat having just one long fang? These bad boys are….. the remaining bad boy is lonnngggg! I was shocked when he pulled out the other one. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. My babies blood was on it, nothing sentimental could come from it. Keep it. I’ll take my girl home, thank you very much.

I am emotionally and physically spent. I didn’t have my vest on when we carried Jane’s carrier down the stairs and into the car then into the vet. I didn’t take mid-day medication because I didn’t think to take it. I just responded. I feel …raw…and tired…and afraid..worried..anxious. All the bad stuff has passed except seeing my girl with blood on her. My body and mind are stopped. Other than an ache in my heart now, I feel hollow and physically tired.


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