This is a nothing entry….something to toss up here so I can stamp time saying I was here.

So we’re here, hanging around and its time for a cup of hot chocolate. Snow goes to get the cups and says, “You don’t have any hot chocolate. Faith, it’s empty.”
Me – “What, no, there should be a little bit left.
Snow – “No”
she said admittedly, “It’s empty.”
I was like, “No! Why? Whyyyy?”

Turns out I had no hot chocolate, twas true. It was empty. There was nothing but a spoon with trace particles of multisyllabic chemicals, synthetic fillers and artificial coloring. The world had dealt its last blow, a sucker punch!

At the store we found no yummy goodness by Stephen’s Gourmet Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, so I lowered my hot chocolate standards and purchased Kroger brand. It was a tasteless hot mess, a bitter cup of life brought to our lips in silence. How had we fallen so far from glory?

All things that fall can be picked up, or so I hear, which is why I kept a glimmer of hope in my heart that soon my cup would once again be half full, and it is. We found my hot chocolate! It was a miracle I tell you, a miracle. This is how it happened. There was a stiff breeze and then chocolate angels came into the store and filled the isles with cases of Stephen’s hot chocolate. I asked the manager why there’s always a stiff breeze when an angel appears but he said, are you a believer? I threw my head back, did the ‘jazz hands’ thing like in those musicals I hate, then hollered out, I be-lieve! Then he hit me on the forehead. The next thing you know I had a cup half full of the greatest hot chocolate in the realm. It happened just like that, just like that I tell you. Now Stephen’s has come home and has taken his rightful place in the Sundrip Tea Stop. True story.

Now on to other things. Tomorrow I will have a guest with whom I’ll engage in a bit of volunteer work. She’s the type of friend that when you’re with her you need to make sure you’ve got bail money. I look forward to seeing her. Since she’ll be here during office hours we’ll have to remember not to laugh so loudly.

Now an update on Fuzzy Butt aka Mary Jane
She’s doing really well. She’s eating, drinking, pooing and purring. She hasn’t played a whole lot but I think she’ll get back to that soon. I’ll start flashing photos again in a few days. I’ll also post new hand sewn teddy bears and kittens for adoption.

Instead of medication in her food I just use the little dropper thing they gave me and put it in her mouth. She has a shocked look on her face for a few seconds then it’s over. I swear she’s the easiest cat I’ve had. She hasn’t done a lot of playing but she’s purred and come over to me to visit and be held so she’s getting back to her old self.

I wondered how the loss of that tooth would affect her tongue. I wondered if she’d look like one of those dogs you see who can’t keep their tongue in their mouth. Of course that’s not desirable, but it’s wouldn’t change a single bit of how much I love her. Like so many others who have received love from a valued furry family member, I’m indebted to my Mary Jane. She rightfully lays claim to my heart.

Good night,

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