The short video about Scott Hamilton’s 3rd brain tumor is a very inspiring one . There’s one line in it that is so validating for me. First, I’m one who automatically thinks people aren’t going to believe that I could possibly have all this wrong with one body. Despite the open, raw blogging for years of progression and slowing of symptoms, I still worry about being disbelieved. From time to time I get a reader who challenges me but I dismiss them. Even so, it’s a very destructive experience. As an abuse survivor who was successfully conditioned to believe that no one will believe me, I still find it hard think anyone will. So I all but leap for joy and am validate when I hear quotes like the one from Mr. Hamilton who said, “I have a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness.”  Yeah, it happens doesn’t it? He’s survived things others haven’t. What’s more, he’s active in life and he wants to live.

The theme of wanting to live and living may pop up quite a bit in various forms on Sundrip because I’ve dedicated this year to truly breaking out of the old. I truly desire to smash old records, to repair the way I feel about my torn skin, to speak to myself kindly and to live life well. My personal idea of living life well is to live it simply. The biggest obstacle to this goal is my attitude and the stress of PTSD.

I’ve watched this short clip 4 times and I keep coming back to one thing… sucks….! This totally sucks. I love how he said that he should have gotten a break for a bit from illnesses but that’s not how life turned out. Scott Hamilton is a long time fighter, one who knows the hard hitting affects of chronic, life threatening illnesses. He also knows the whole 9 yards of it. What he’s stated so clearly in this video is that I can find my way to a space in life where I can lead my life instead of being lead by it.

Of course he was exhausted, angry, afraid but he also became a prize fighter for his own life and did so, not in battle formation with heavy artillery, but with his outlook. This is the biggest, most important thing for me in 2017, my outlook  (physical and mental health) must improve so that I can lead life instead of it leading me.

Positive adjustments to my attitude and outlook concerning physical and emotional issues, finds itself on the list of 2017 life upgrades.

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