I’m home. I know many have had very bad experiences when they have to go to the hospital. I’m pleased to have the care team I have because I go to a hospital system (several locations around the state) that knows me. They can access my records very quickly and see what I need. They are good to me. When I showed up I showed up exhausted. I got back in a room within 10 min of arriving. The doctor looked over my records right in front of me. I could see the list of major dx on the screen. He gave me fluids and IV pain meds then put me in a permanent room I slept for quite some time. I was too out of it to tell him I needed the steroids to knock my system back to its baseline so I ended up staying even longer because he wanted to do that then observe. When it was time to go home he gave me a phone number for follow up. The ER called to see if I’d made it home safely. Over all it went very well. No complaints at all. I’m exhausted right now but I need to stay awake because my psychotherapist will call me soon. It’s 6:10pm, he’ll call in about 20 min. I’ll talk to him then go to sleep. I have a really good care team. My care team includes my psychotherapist, psychiatrist, medical doctors and my friends. In that group too are 2 people at the pharmacy that are very helpful and supportive. My pharmacist is an awesome guy and his assistant is awesome, too. I’ve used them for over 10 years now. So, treatment went well. I’m very medicated, about to do another regimen of steroids and get rounder. What I want most is sleep. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I read every one of them and appreciate it very much. ..

Jordan 1-25-17 6:28 pm EST

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