One of the things needed in my home is a lot of windows for natural light. Throughout the apartment I have the curtains or shades open during the day and closed at night. For someone who leaves less than three times a week on average, it’s important to be able to look outside and see nature.

Most windows are opened for fresh air. Mary Jane and I have huddled at the living room window over the sofa looking out at birds or anything moving. Windows and open spaces help make this apartment less like a prison cell.

I open the windows in all rooms except for the bedroom. The bedroom is shut up tight! I don’t open the curtains to let in the sun anymore (though it’s prettier when I do).  I rarely open the windows for fresh air. This room has become such a private area that I don’t like when my friends just walk back here. Funny how I’m willing to share most things with people, but don’t come here and sit on my bed or come here and walk back in my bedroom. The studio has been photographed time and again, parts of the bedroom have been photographed, but I doubt there will ever be a full shot of the room the way I’ve done the studio, living room areas and dining room.

Heck, I’ve talked about having a twin bed. I’ve talked about other furniture on this side of the room but it’s still the safest place in the house for me, one where eyes from the outside aren’t welcome. I’m more vulnerable in my room than anywhere in the apartment and everything I need to deal with a pain attack is right here in this room. It’s become my safe place, my security blanket.

It’s not pitch black in here but I don’t use a lot of light either. On this side I use reading lamps and such.

Instead of smelling like lavender, it’s sandalwood and a bit of rose. The living room and dining room smell of lavender with the restroom a nice light Jasmine. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Windows open and closed tightly

  1. I love lavender, rose and jasmine scents. Yes, let nature’s light come into your room as it is also light that comes into the human soul. Listen to the birds singing outside as their song is also our life’s song, nature’s song. You will visualize how your prison cell turns into a recess of the heart, where you can find love and peace. By the way, thank you for liking my poem “Prison”.

  2. It would appear that I don’t even want to share my room with natural or artificial light. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?


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