Dream: Domestic Violence and Murder

An unknown man carjacked me with my dog. It was early 2000’s and I had a Ford Bronco 2 in blue. Captain was in the back area. We drove around with the guy for a while before I was able to escape at a gas station across the street from my apartment. The guy knew where I lived.

When I got upstairs to tell my boyfriend what happened he accused me of cheating. I stayed glued to the window bc I knew if Captain managed to get out of the truck he’d know how to get home. I wanted to see him come around the corner.

As I stood there looking down from the 21st floor, my boyfriend jumped on me and held me out the window telling me he knew I cheated. It was so fast (unlike this typing program on my tablet). He had me out the window then pulled me back in and to the floor. He got really close in my face and told me he’d beat the truth out of me then demand that I tell him I loved him.

With him close in my face, I told him I’d never again tell him I loved him. He said if he hit me enough I’d say it. Never! He finally let me up without a punch then left. After a bit I went back to the window to watch for Captain when I noticed the Bronco outside with a sign on the top telling me it had been returned.

When I got down there I passed my boyfriend who had just walked away from the truck. I pulled the driver’s side handle and the car blew up. My boyfriend rigged it and added gasoline that he spilled on himself that ignited. He died as well.

In the dream I wasn’t sure if I was dead. I spoke to a friend who showed me the hollowed out truck body and how the boyfriend made it into a bomb. He then showed me how he could have killed me but saved his own life by just making the truck electrocute me when I touched it.



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