No rides needed in the near future. Things went fine with Betty who did not touch me.

I stopped off at the store where an employee said, “I heard on the news where there’s a crackdown on the braids.” She pointed to my hair. I said, I have dreadlocks. She said, people are upset about your scarves. I said, who is “your”? No answer. I said, I can carry a baby, groceries or wrap it around my shoulders if I’m cold. I can make it a pillow, blanket, sling or tourniquet. I said, now you tell me what piece of clothing you have this versatile? I honestly didn’t know what her point was.

Listen – dark skin with a scarf around the neck made her think I’m Muslim but her white skin and red dress didn’t automatically make me think she’s prejudice. She was just the lady behind the floral counter at the local grocery store. What on earth?

Seeing as how I’m trying to control my tongue, I decided against telling her about the real origins of this day for the so-called saints Valentine. I didn’t mention the true origin of the arrows or cherubs or the color red or any of the history behind the two situations brought together and called Christian. Oh those crazy ancient Romans!

Ya know, it’s not a good idea to harass or offend just because you’re having a bad day, know why? There are too many people under an incredible amount of stress. You don’t know who is seconds from losing it. Do you really want to be the person who pushes the last button?

Whatever religion you hold or if you do not practice religion, you should still use common sense. Do you think it’s right to see world conditions and still insult, harass or humiliate another person? It’s 2017, people don’t just throw a punch and go home. No, they pour out years of pent up anger and frustration. They spill unspeakable violence and ruin lives. So I ask you, do you think it’s a good idea to start an accusatory conversation with a stranger? Is it worth it to assume people will sit quietly as you say what ever you want? Is it worth it to exchange words over every trivial matter that comes up during the day? No, it’s not.

I have to do a lot better about when to speak and when to shut up. Even if others bathe in stupidity before they leave the house, I don’t have to allow myself to be overcome by their foul odor. I can and want to pursue peace in private relationships and public affairs.

Under the correct circumstances and for the right reasons, I’d have been happy to pass on information concerning the true origins of this day. But to belt it out with gory details would have only served my irritation with her and nothing else. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away.


The only reference to braids or dreadlocks had to do with the US army lifting the ban on dreadlocks.

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2 thoughts on “Hold your tongue. Walk Away.

  1. when I hear someone say something very ridiculous I often wonder what that persons optimal outcome was. What could she possibly have hoped to happen by saying that?

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