I turned off the comments to the other entry about water because I didn’t want anyone to say “good job”. My reaction would be to toss this whole thing and refuse to work on it as if the issue is mine and mine alone and ‘you’ can’t have a say in how it goes.

In the split second it took to turn off comments i thought, I don’t have to have water touch me if I don’t want to. ‘You” can’t tell me I have to get wet…….. and there it was….back in Florida, back in Tampa.

I think to myself, I hate you and you deserve to be dead. I really hate you.

With a topic so sensitive I’m going to keep comments off. I’m walking on thin ice. Yeah, cleaning burned mango and apple from a ban brings back anger and humiliation.

Good info for art and phobia. I would like to take it in to see what my therapist thinks and see if there’s a way to incorporate some of it into our work. I’m not going to post the art though. I can’t imagine posting it right now. Altered Book Facing Fears by Tracy Algar.

I’m ready to stop for the evening.


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