Art is a huge part of what I do but it’s not all I do. Here are photos of some of the things that keep me going. Some might call it an apartment but I see it as 650 sq feet of creative space.

Wide view of the dining room.
I am very pleased to welcome to my home, an artist who I will meet for the first time in person. I’m anxious and excited. Actually, I’m a tad bit star struck. I will not supply photos but I will gush and be all thrilled to have her here. Since ya’ll aren’t comin’ (that was terrible), I thought I’d give you a little peek into this world of mine.

Part of the dining room table.
These are some of the more than 20 rescued succulents from the grocery store purchased for $4.00. They will need time to get well rooted and start growing stronger.

One of the terrariums.
A late friend of mine purchased a mountain and had a wild Mustang ranch. She named the mountain after her favorite horse. She called it Star’s Rest. If she can name an entire mountain after a silky, strong, beautiful force of nature then I figure I can call these humble, plaster walls Sundrip.

Part of the dining room.

Tea time Monday didn’t involve tea, but I did take time out to mess around in the rock garden and look at the frogs. I take pride in the driftwood here. I enjoyed turning great finds on nature walks into wood for the terrariums and for rock gardens.

I started working with the moss for the doll house but got really sick so I had to stop. Before I got too far into that flare up I moved the moss into an empty aquarium and housed it for later.

I have secured hens and chicks as well as a few other succulents for the living yard around the doll house. I’ve also come to the conclusion that getting a small, square table would be best so that I can work on the house at a level comfortable for the chair. If I have to keep leaning over I’m going to be in pain. I need to raise it up. Since it’ll be a show piece for the kids that come here it needs to be higher, sooooo, hopefully a Goodwill find will supply this little table. I also had to rethink how to hang the curtains. I refuse to use dowel rods of any kind in the dollhouse, but I will use small twigs from my collection of dried blackberry vines.

I’m lovin’ this.


1:03 am EST, 2-21-17

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