I do try so very hard to keep my FB page and my website free of the world’s wars and hatred, but sometimes it’s brought to my door and I feel compelled to answer it. The below comment are my words in response to an individual on FB whose family feels the strain of moving freely through the US border carrying valid identification and certificates.

You know what? I know all too well what it means to be a refugee. As I write this my heart isn’t sad, but angry! My grandfather is from Zaire (Congo). He watched his siblings and parents starve to death, one by one on US soil. He and his parents made up twelve souls but only he and two siblings lived to see help.

I know what it means to flee, to need and to die while waiting. I know well. I also know that friends of mine worry about their green card status, about being deported, denied housing, jobs, on and on…and we’re Christian…but our skin is dark and the countries they’ve come from put them on a list called ‘enemy’ when I and they are far, far from anyone’s enemy. This fear of deportation, of not being able to leave or come back freely touches sooo, sooo many people.

The anger that is being screamed into the ears of willing hateful hearts isn’t going to settle down, cool off in a little bit. It is an active hatred, a destructive anger, a ‘never again’ but ‘here we go again’ kind of hate.

You’re Arabic. I’m African, but we’re just people aren’t we? We have family and friends who are suffering attacks because of their religion or where they’re from or where they’re parents are from.

The fiery anger started slow and seemed like a joke. Deportations? Lists? Open racist? Nah, that’ll never happen ‘here’. Guess what people? It’s not just happening here, it’s happening to people you know. This isn’t comedy central news mocking a report of clear violation of human rights. We are real, live, individuals affected by this hatred. So I ask you to stop laughing at him, stop treating this like it’s going to blow over cause someone is going to step up. You step up. You stop spreading hate. You stop passing on political cartoons, you stop passing rage articles and start acting like what you say you want. You want peace, be peaceable, not silent.


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2 thoughts on “I am not your enemy

  1. Not being silent is sooo important. When we hear hatred, see violence, know of injustice we MUST speak up. We have to take a stand against this hatred. This racist movement has to stop. And we need to teach our children how to stand firm against this growing tide of hatred.

  2. Let me be clearer on the need to speak.

    Saying of peace. We need to speak peacefully, behave peacefully and teach peace.
    I understand why some would just go off because they’re sick of being targeted for superficial reasons, but we have to show ourselves peaceable people. This doesn’t mean we ignore violence by saying ‘Peace be with you”. I mean we don’t return an evil saying to those who might insult. We need not be door mats. We can record and report illegal acts but we do not need to go off on people verbally.

    We can talk to our friends about the far reaching consequences of hatred and how it affects people individually. We need not lean on every single media coverage of hate because it will change how we keep our hearts peaceful and actions peaceable.

    Talk to our kids about their experiences at school and in the neighborhood concerning race. Peace starts in the home, not on the internet.

    Thank you for your comment.

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