The Brightest Star - Redbubble
The Brightest Star – Redbubble

I updated the Featured Art Gallery page. This month’s feature will have a color theme. Color is important in my therapy process. Since Sundrip is about the art and artist trying to thrive it only makes sense I’d have an Art Therapy Gallery and speak openly about the role art has in my healing. That’s scary though because I worry people will see the art has come from so deep that they won’t want to hang it on their walls. I’ve thrown around the idea of backing off explaining some of the art as I do but that’s not going to happen.

You know what’s funny. I had an individual tell me that when she looked at my Etsy shop it seemed as if someone else had painted the art. She didn’t recognize the art as having come from me. I reminded her of my mental health diagnosis. Her observation wasn’t a criticism and wasn’t taken negatively at all. It’s true there has been a shift in my art that is obvious to many.

I’m not entirely comfortable with the surreal art that comes from my brushes and pens because I know the mental disruption that created it. But he’s the thing, it leaves my head with room to think straight. Putting images on paper the way I do frees up burden on my shoulders and eases anxiety. Perhaps some will see something they can relate to in it. Maybe it’s not so offensive to know the real reason the painting was drawn, especially if they know how to separate their issues from mine.

Blue. It’s a color I use to symbolize my right as a human being to live in freedom of thought and expression. It’s the color I use to symbolize dignity and honor. I’ll update the Featured Art gallery several times this month with images that show the meaning behind the color.

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