7 extractions. very long day for both of us.
turns out Mary Jane is about 80 years old with no health issues other than her teeth. I thought 7 was a lot and apologized saying i didn’t know. she said its no one’s fault and that they’ve removed more than regularly. i still felt bad like i’d neglected her or something. no teeth were kept. they kept saying she’s so well taken care of. they talked about her coat and eyes and ears and how beautiful she is. i was so happy to know i’m doing right by my girl. 🙂 they asked about her food and when I told them the choices I make for her they said, isn’t that expensive? I said, in the long run, no. I eat fresh Salmon and so does she. I eat Tilapia and so does she. I want those Omegas in her and good fiber in her.

JB is coming tomorrow between 1-2 pm but I’m totally not ready. lol. it is what it is. i’ve got to get some sleep. maybe i can wake early enough to be more presentable. There’s one thing I look forward to right now and that’s curling up to my girl MJ and sleeping well. I’ll set the alarm clock and get up to touch up a few things in the house. If I feel exhausted, just think of what MJ is feeling, poor girl couldn’t even walk when she came out of therapy. We took a nap together. She stayed in her carrier with the door a foot away from my face so she’d know she’s ok. She stumbled around a lot so I thought it best to keep her in the crate while we slept. When it was time to come out she was back to herself with licks to the face and paws up for me to pick her up. lol.

I’ve eaten nothing but I keep throwing up. I’m so sleep deprived. I feel delirious. My sleep has really been off lately. I did find out I can get some dried Passion Flower from the Good Earth which is great. This way I can make my own tincture and not have to spend $12 a bottle for that stuff. I’d like to switch to that and get off the klonapin. That would be one less addictive med I’d be on. My pain has been horrible for the last few days, sciatic and shoulders. Getting a hold of the anxiety is important with pain because it exacerbates it. I’ve got Mary Jane on anxiety control via lavender on her blanket. It was on her blanket inside the carrier as well.

I’ll be making the strong Passion Flower tincture with quality ingredients, the type that will last for years which is, for me, economically sound. I enjoy making my own lavender oil. I was able to secure a few other oils that really do help with pain and inflammation. I was taught a new technique by none other than Betty herself on how to do traction for Sciatic pain. It helps, cause my left side has been threatening to go public with its rage, so to speak. lol.

Sometimes I wonder if I can skip the tinctures and just put some high quality liquor under my tongue.


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