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Screw this

Someone else will have to help the French speaking people. I can't do this!!!

I figured out what it is. I have no background in this language, nothing to pull from, no confidence. I'm taking the easy way out, I'm sorry. No more French torture. I have zero confidence that i can learn this language. I'm all uptight looking at the words.....yet....I look at the same material in Spanish and I get it! So I can keep stressing about how much I don't like the subject matter or I can move on and say, nope didn't try that hard....don't lie, I didn't try that hard with the French lessons and I'm taking the easier way out of Spanish because I get it. I get it! I listen to music in Spanish, read in Spanish but I speak Spanglish. At least I have something to draw from ya know. I have some confidence. I've been trying to look at this French stuff and I'm going, I don't recognize a single's that foreign. I feel for my friends who are learning Russian. ... I'm throwing in the towel on French....or the baguette or croissant... I don't more French please.......close the book, move on...........

I already know I'm going to regret dropping the French because I could have been more helpful, perhaps more approachable in that field but I find French too difficult for me to master at this time. I'm going to regret this........ I can't quit........argh!!!!!!!!!!! (throws minor temper tantrum)

Basically, I've failed at this point, however, I shall start again. September will bring a new 'service year' and I will be ready to fully commit to this language.

Me, Jordan

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