I wondered if there would be a difference in how Mary Jane looked after she had her fangs removed and a few other teeth. She does have a look on her face like she’s raising one side of her lip at you.

There’s no way I could ever look at Mary Jane and see anything but beauty.

She’s coming along nicely. Sometimes she’s clingy and looks like she doesn’t feel well, other times she’s up playing with catnip toys and swiping at aliens only she can see. She’s eating well, not vomiting. She’s drinking well, cleaning herself and doing all the things she normally does, sometimes slower but she’s still getting all the cat stuff done.

The vet said she’s about 80 in human years. wow.

Despite her Senior Citizen status, I expect her to return to the same Jane I’ve known and came to be owned by, willingly.

She’s still got her place as the mascot of Sundrip. Here we are looking at the studio at the end of a work day.

Yes, I wear tie dye socks......

We looked and saw that it was very good.

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