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I updated the Featured Art Gallery page. This month’s feature will have a color theme. Color is important in my therapy process. Since Sundrip is about the art and artist trying to thrive it only makes sense I’d have an Art Therapy Gallery and speak openly about the role art has in my healing.

She's Green - Redbubble
She’s Green – Redbubble

The last feature spoke of the color blue and it’s meaning. This feature will focus on the color orange.

Orange in art therapy or art created as therapy symbolizes fleeting courage, self doubt, ambiguity. What I mean is, I’m faced with conflicting emotions or I am going to take action but I’m not quite secure in my steps.

Orange is a color that slides back and forth between red and yellow. Red in my art therapy stands for empowerment and positive self esteem. The other side of that is yellow which is for shame and all acts of depravity. When those two collide there’s a struggle to stabilize and sort out how I see myself and my situation.

I’m one who is rather careful about placement of color especially on the face of a figure and around the head. Over the years I’ve noticed a slight change in allowing what i see as negative colors to touch the face of a subject. Yellow used to be off limits on faces. It’s interesting to see my symbols evolve or loosen their restrictive use.

If I were to give a quick understanding of the painting “She’s Green” it would be this: Green is her ability to grow, blue is her birth right, her absolute right to exist safely and in freedom. However, her environment has been hostile and confusing (yellow and orange) yet she sees a safer, more secure future. Overall, this image is a young figure with the strength to overcome.

As I said, the new Featured Art gallery is up and will give examples of how I’ve used the color orange in art therapy and art as therapy.

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