Yay!! I finally was able to refill my lapsang souchong. This seems extra smokey but still good. I prefer Teavana but who on earth has that kind of money? I first came across this tea after someone purchased from Teavana but didn’t like it. I inherit teas this way all the time.

A few months ago I received a nice present in the mail called Chamomile Bloom Herbal Tea. That is one beautiful tea. The florals in it are …beautiful which meant I was going to have to eventually have some more of that stuff. I looked at the ingredients list. I now have them all.

If you understand how to read a recipe or ingredients list then you can duplicate packaged tea. Getting as close as possible or duplicating teas means I don’t have to spend a small fortune on this passion of mine. I can mix some up as I go or I can mix a larger amount of herbs and store it as a Sundrip Tea. I’ll have to start calling these Sundrip Tea. lol.

A friend purchased a grocery store brand called Berry & Ancient Flowers. It’s a green tea by Private Selection. I’m not crazy about blueberry unless its yogurt, but the strong florals make the blueberry tolerable for me. Knowing I may want the tea again, I had to check the ingredients and see if I had everything. I did, with the exception of Calendula which appears to be helpful in several ways. I noticed that Calendula has warnings for people on sedatives, high blood pressure medication and those with diabetes.

Even though I’ve got a knowledgeable individual guiding me, I still make mistakes with homeopathy. The difficulty is one brought up when I was in Culinary School. There is a severe lack of standards and regulations, and people tend to forget that these flowers are medicine. Done correctly, homeopathy has done me a world of good, especially for my situation. But, mistakes in dosing or conflicts with pharmaceuticals can cause serious and other times humorous side effects. This is my segue to a part I’ll call, “How to know if you’ve taken too much turmeric tincture” aka “Good Lord I can’t stop throwing up my internal organs.”

A while ago, but not quite long enough, I found out what happens when you take too much turmeric. I was introduced to the wonders of turmeric because my body has a nasty habit of creating blood clots and I refused traditional, harsh medications. So, I got this white turmeric, cut some up, added a little ginger, this that and the other and sipped it down. It tasted great. I was pleased with myself until of course I began to vomit so violently I feared I’d toss up my spleen. I threw up again and again and again. It was horrible. I knew there was only one thing I’d done differently so I began to look up uses for white turmeric only to find out that in SMALL doses it helps with all the stuff I wanted it for but in larger doses it induce vomiting. I’m here to tell you, white turmeric does what its supposed to at both quantities. Now, I know this. I remember it well and so does my poor cat who stayed out of it this time. She did not try to comfort me. Here’s what happened.

I made a turmeric tincture with white turmeric cause if you’re gonna do it, do it big and do it right. I got some white stuff and ground it up real good, added ground up fresh ginger, a few cracked pepper corns and some Ceylon cinnamon pieces for my tincture. I figured, why do I need a separate tincture for all of these when I can just toss it all together, so that’s what I did. One month later I was ready to try it. The first few cups of tea made with tincture added were just fine but then I decided I’d have some in 7up. Honestly, it tasted like ginger ale so ya know, I wasn’t THINKING when I decided to add a tiny bit more to my cup than usual. Bad, bad decision.

I added 2 dropper fulls of this homemade tincture to 6 oz of 7up and spent the rest of the night contemplating going to the ER. The other thing was how tired I was. I couldn’t stay awake, nor could I figure out why I was so dag on drowsy. Then I remembered… (sigh) … I never switched out tea from Passion Flower (straight plant) to Earl Grey which meant I was half dead while emptying my body of all internal organs. So see, ya gotta remember this stuff isn’t playing! You either do it right or you’re gonna pay, dearly.

In general I feel as though I’ve got a good handle on these things because assistance is literally a phone call away and someone I can go in to see rather easily. I have the guidance, but sometimes I still mess up. I laugh now but at the time I wasn’t laughing.

Tinctures being made
There’s a second batch of Turmeric Ginger Tincture
Passion Flower Tincture with a bit of German Chamomile and Raspberry Leaf

Oils being made
Lavender Infusion
Calendula / Marigold Infusion
Oregano Infusion

Mistakes being made
Fewer, with less painful and somewhat comical side effects

Homeopathy is my preventative measure during perimenopause to keep myself out of prison. Between perimenopause and prednisone, I’m going to serve time. I just know it. And I know they aren’t going to have tea up in there either. (rolls eyes)


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