Privacy and Security on the Internet

It’s a different world from when I started blogging. The differences make me want to be a bit less open.

At no time did I believe I had privacy on the net or off the net. I mean my goodness, Google shows people a 360 view of my home. Every time I used the phone I’m logged someplace. Every time I purchase something on sale at the grocery store I am logged, every time I use my bank card I’m logged. There are security cameras everywhere, cameras that let me look at beaches half a world away or cameras that let me watch live downtown Indianapolis with the sun going down. I stopped believing in privacy a long time ago but only recently have I been concerned with security.

Is it wise now for me to post images of my home? To change the amount of things I discuss is to go completely against why I started this blog. Yes it was to assist in my care and to make sure I know what’s going on in my day to day life as a multiple, but I really hoped I’d be able to clue others in to what general life is like for a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder.

I wanted to show us as mutli-denominational, not just a psychiatric mess. I wanted to show the ‘normal’ that we have is not too far off from the ‘normal’ of those with only one personality. I wanted to show that we are strong and weak, normal and dysfunctional, balanced and obsessed just like everyone else. I hoped with this blog that I could inspire some young therapist to work with multiples and really give them an anchor to manage symptoms and find their ‘normal’. I hoped I could help other therapists see how their patient feels about sessions. I wanted people in general to know what is talked about in therapy and about the developing relationship between patient and doctor. I’ve been very open about the content of my dreams, about PTSD symptoms, about hallucinations, about all sorts of things. And now I wonder if this was a good idea.

The world has changed and it will be an even worse tomorrow but I know in my heart I won’t stop blogging because of it. I know I’ll have less security which means I will think twice before sharing more photos of my home and such. Heck, the damage is done and I can’t get it back from the internet. I deleted the long time blog The People Behind My Eyes and started blogging only under my own dot com. If I deleted this dot com also, the information would still be out there. With that in mind what is there to do but continue forward but with fewer intimate photos?

Yesterday I was told by Facebook that unless I give my real name and upload ID that they’ll lock me out of my page. That’s what’s going to happen. I will not use my real name and I will not upload ID. That begs the question, since you use your real name on your artwork what’s the problem with using it on Facebook? The problem is that I am still hiding from family members. On Google when I looked up my name a long time ago I got a bunch of churches in Texas. LOL. There were all kinds of posts that came up. I felt better about that, but on Facebook its not as easy to hide. I’ve never trusted Facebook, not ever so to demand that I put my real name AND upload a photo of my name on photo ID is asking too much of me. They can have my account.

I’m not giving up my FB account gladly because I found a wonderful group for Chronic Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. What a helpful group. I found a great Entomology group and I love the aquarium and terrarium groups on there. I’m not a happy camper about giving up that account, but like I said, they gave me 7 days to comply or lock me out. I’m now going through the account to remove anything I don’t want up there without my control over it.


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