Maybe a year ago I began to update my emergency go bag. What I included was according to my personal needs which means according to chronic illness.  One of the most important things will be to secure medical information in an easy to get to location. I have a small book that includes meds and doctor’s names with plenty of paper to add more notes.

While packing, I kept in mind the purpose of the bag. The purpose of the bag is for immediate needs at a shelter for the displaced. One of the hardest things to remember is that I’m not packing to survive an Apocalypse. I’m not packing in case I’m alone in the wilderness, isolated from civilization with nothing but a volleyball to talk to. The bag is packed to take with me in case I’m displaced in a shelter…a shelter…for a few days. I have a different kit for being stuck in my apartment with or without electricity. Those supplies and quantities are vastly different. I think it’s good to be prepared for both. An online search for basic items to include helped quite a bit.

Ok so, if I’m displaced and my cellphone goes out then that means no flashlight app, no digital numbers, addresses or books. With this in mind, I included a small LED flashlight, good batteries and hard copy contact information and basic clothing items.

For me, there’s going to be more attention paid to medical needs so in addition to a pair of medical compression socks I have quality socks and a lightweight, air tight container. I included one of my long scarves, my good watch, secured reading glasses and quality antibacterial. I chose oregano oil because it’s vastly superior to Neosporin.

I do love my long scarves because they’re helpful in so many ways. You can wrap a limb, support your leg or knee, roll it up tight to decompress painful spots or do a roll and fold for decent neck support. You can also roll it long to lay on it and decompress the spine and alleviate pain. Wrapped around the hips tightly works to stabilize while walking. Don’t underestimate the scarf.

For those with an immune disorder, its common for us to have metabolism disruptions. For such an event, I’ve included about an ounce of raw honey in a small, secured container. Other foods were chosen because of ease of transport and keeping. I have a small jar of peanut butter and some jerky.

Ah yes, then there are those psychiatric issues to deal with, too. I don’t do well with sudden change so being displaced would to be very, very difficult. I’ve included things that have proven helpful to manage anxiety. I’ve included my little teddy bear that smells like lavender and a small drawing pad with a few pens. As strange as it may sound, in the writing book I’ve included my full name and address because seeing it will help me stay grounded. I’ve written a few things that I enjoy as well as a few things to keep my spirits up. With all this, I’m packed to meet physical and emotional needs, but for my bag to be complete I have a small hard copy Bible. I’m going to need his reassurance.


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