In this dream I lived in a part of the world that was green and lush but unaffected by time. No plant life grew past the point where time stopped, nor did it ever die. We still had day and night but all fixtures and nature stayed the same, never changing.

Dream content: No violence or abuse. Changling. Half breeds. Lavender.

I lived in a hotel where I observed a man playing tricks on people by laying in the street pretending to be hurt. He dressed himself like a woman in a white dress and laid partly on the sidewalk and part way in the street. He laughed hysterically when he scared people. After a bit of this he turned into a white wolf hybrid. A man came and put a leash on him and began walking him.

The dream skips to the man and hybrid walking by my friend’s house who had two wolf hybrids. Somehow I ended up between these three huge hybrids; two on one side, the white one on the other. I thought for certain they were going to tear one another up but they didn’t. My friend’s two dogs started running and playing. The white wolf broke his leash and took chase. As they ran, a mix of newborn puppies and kittens came pouring out of the house almost in a wave. Instead of a wave of water rushing over the porch it was a wave of puppies and kittens. I began picking them up one by one to get them to safety. There were more kittens than puppies. The oldest was a fuzzy, yellow Maine Coon male. He looked at me with golden eyes then scampered off. I smiled.

As I reached to get the last puppy, I saw that there was a compartment under the porch with stored papers and art. As I looked at the papers I realized it was all records of my life. There was art forgotten, money and handwritten journals stacked in layers. I pulled out an article of clothing and it smelled of lavender. I couldn’t believe I’d just stumbled on parts of my life time forgot.

As I discovered more cash, my mother showed up. I let her count it then put it all back. I covered what I’d found and left it buried.

Comments: This dream was directly after the dream where I was thrown in prison with mad men who killed at will. I was in prison for killing my young self and for not protecting and thereby killing my siblings. My surroundings were unaffected by time, not moving forward and not moving back. That was repeated in this dream. A few nights ago I dreamed I was a young kitten in a feral community seeking shelter with my momma cat. I don’t have much to say right now other than that I was disturbed by the dream before this one. I run in my head trying not to see people being cut to pieces and others suffering emotionally. That was a hard dream to fill my eyes.

5pm EST April 11, 2017

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