A black scarf and the terminally stupid

I should never, ever go to the grocery store because there are too many stupid people there. Y’all, it’s a scarf, a 99 cent scarf from Goodwill. It’s not that big a deal. It was around my shoulders… my shoulders. It’s black and gold, ‘shimmery’ as the woman described it.

She touched my scarf and said it was pretty. I said thank you. She started rattling on about how big and ‘shimmery’ it is then she said, “With that African scarf you could carry a watermelon.” I said, “…or a body.”

Really? Seriously? You went there? And yes, I did come back with, “…or a dead body.”

Where do these people come from? I mean my goodness. I even got called out of my name by a customer, not an employee but a customer called me a female dog for asking the manager to open another line because I wasn’t able to wait in the 5 lanes they had open ( in the middle of the day). I couldn’t believe a customer called me out of my name! She went into a spiel about how she works in retail and cashiers can only do what they’re asked to do, blah, blah, blah. I said, “Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? While you’re figuring that out, watch me roll to Customer Service and get rung up.” …… I could not believe it!

I would wear my a baseball hat if it fit over my dreadlocks…and if I could avoid the stereotype that such a look indicates gang activity and other militants.

I come back quickly in response to stupidity, but I really would like to be able to just leave stupid people standing in their stupidity without coming back so fast. Why? Because it’s not necessary. How awesome would it have been to just shake my head at Watermelon Woman and walk away? How awesome would it have been to give the crazy outspoken cow a sideways look and let her gasp in the darkness of her stupidity? It may sound so silly to say that I’d rather not answer these individuals who have been offensive, but I am picking and choosing my battles of which there are many. If I can keep my blood pressure from rising because of words then I’d like to do so.

I thought the ‘…or a dead body’ comment was funny but I still wish I hadn’t said it. I know I didn’t cuss anybody out or anything close to that but I did engage in a word battle that didn’t need to be fought. Again, I’m picking which battles I feel are most important for me to fight. A war of words with the terminally stupid didn’t make the list.

I should know better than to go to Wal-mart……. that’s enough to round off my day. lol


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