Heartbeat is in my sketchbook. She’s 7 x 10 in ink and pencil. I’m going to have her enlarged before further work. Her heartbeat comes from her temples and stretches out to form the surface of the earth. Trees and flowers grow from her heartbeat.

Heartbeat .

Heartbeat - detail of crown.

She Realizes Her Totality
This is a half sheet pencil drawing with the same lines at the temples only the heartbeat lines go down and the face is divided. This piece is in my private sketchbook. I want a little bit of color on her but I don’t want to do her in full color. I want it to be watercolor and to get it right I’m going to have to practice which means getting her printed so I can practice on something other than the original drawing.


In Egypt’s Land
This drawing is based on a memory. It’s a song I heard as a child where Moses goes to ‘Egypt’s land’ to lead the people to freedom. I stopped adding detail to this piece for the same reason as all the drawings in this entry, I want them enlarged so I can work on them properly.

In Egypt's Land. . In Egypt's Land .

There are quite a number of these drawings that I simply refuse to touch until they’re enlarged.


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