I’m nervous about using the FB account I’ve got because it was the one I used to contact my sister and other family members. I’m not comfortable with that account at all.

I’m not a fan of Facebook because it shows me the real face of people. If there was ever a question about how far and wide hatred is then FB settled it. I don’t need to go into the whole issue of FB because many understand just how hateful things get on there……..

I don’t want to do anything open like I did on my other page. Since I’m not willing to post my own art on this page I have to ask myself, what’s the point?  Fish groups, insects and frogs are the only groups I go to FB for anymore. I want to delete stuff and just leave it empty.

I just don’t want any contact with anyone in my family, they know the FB address I currently have. They all know that address. Yeah I have them all blocked but that’s not protection.

I just don’t see the point of using FB if all I do is hide. Using that address makes me nervous. It’s insane how much time I spend hiding. I’ve blocked all my family members as best I know how.

Perhaps it would be better to focus on other areas such as Flickr and maybe do more YouTube videos of my art. I did a video recently and put it on my Flickr page. My video skills need more improvements but that seems doable. I’ll stick with silent art slide shows but I realized that framed images don’t do well in videos.


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