We talked about being resourceful.

My insurance no longer pays for me to take a cab to see Dr. D, whom I’ve seen for going on 13 years now. My insurance will pay for 7 miles from my home. He’s 9.5 miles away. My sessions are over the phone now with the occasional ride from a friend up there. This does not make me happy at all.

We talked about my legal options associated with wrongly being evicted. I’ve still not heard from the owner who received a letter via mail and a phone call. The owner will hopefully stop this nonsense. It’s nonsense and absurd.

I told Dr. D that I’m a single female with no children. I don’t qualify for much at all. I make too little money to move elsewhere. I got this apartment because I took over a friend’s lease. Apartment complex’s want you to make 3x the amount of rent. I make $740 a month in social security. I do not complain about that amount. I worked for it in order to qualify for social security. I’m not complaining about the amount. I pay my bills, my history shows it but that means nothing to apartment complex’s. They want you to make 3x the amount.

I’m on a waiting list for a low income apartment, it’s 2.5 years long.

This is my home. As modest as it is, this is my home and I love it and I can’t believe someone with a grudge would dare threaten it.

I had a flashback of being homeless living in a basement. That’s never going to be me again.

I’m so angry that she’d try this with me. Ya know, this is a person that is willing to hurt anyone to get what she wants. I avoid her at all cost. I pay my rent and have no other contact with her. I know exactly why she wants to evict me. I don’t like dealing with people who have a ‘boil the bunny’ , ‘single white female’ mentality.  Heck yeah I think she’s off her rocker. Dadblastit! OMG she’s horrible. There is no sexual attraction to me, the offense is that I dare tell her no and dare to go over her head when needed. I have offended a narcissist and she’s holding her narcissistic grudge. She needs to stop bleaching her hair blond because the bleach is affecting her thinking ability. Stupid cow!

Her pretense for eviction is the claim that I didn’t open the door to her way back in November for a cleaning inspection. I was here and ready but she didn’t show up. Fast froward a week ago….I went down to sign a new lease but got an eviction notice. I said, why didn’t you mention this back in Nov if it was such an egregious breach of contract? She said I waited until now. She said that, I waited until now. See what I’m saying about the bleach affecting her thinking? She has a problem with me, period, that’s why she’s attempting an eviction. She has a problem with me.

I’m stressed. I’m angry…..oh I am angry!!!

My sessions will be over the phone with Dr. D…. over the phone…… gracious!!!

This week end I will not think about these two issues because there’s nothing I can do right now. Tomorrow I’m going to an Assembly downtown for half a day. I’m scared but I want to go. I’ve got to take up a skirt a little bit so I can wear it tomorrow.


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