hanging incense holderIt’s cold. I’m aching. This Lupus moment has been brought to you by Samsung Smartphone’s, where overheating batteries double as cordless heating pads.

After reading in bed, I realized my phone was warm. I cupped it then held it to my face relishing the warmth, then I remembered that my smartphone is a Samsung and this bad boy will explode. Time to turn on the real heating pad, the one dressed in cotton cloth with yellow roses. The fabric may have yellow roses on it but it still smells of lavender. The rest of the room hints sandalwood and sage. I get my sandalwood incense from Ebay once a year for little of nothing.

These short, hand rolled sticks with no wood fit nicely in my hanging incense burner. The funny thing is, when I purchased the burner at Goodwill, I had no idea that’s what it is. It was so pretty though, not to mention half off, that I couldn’t leave it behind. A year or so later I was watching a glass blowing video for bongs and incense holders and realized that my beautiful blue ceramic vessel is actually a hanging incense holder, not some impossible tea candle and oil burner like I thought.

I find burning incense soothing and I love to watch. I like to watch the smoke ascend and to see the light play with the smoke. It’s not really cost-effective though when I hang the burner from the strings of the ceiling fan, but it does make for wonderful smoke and light shows. Thank goodness the ceiling fan can hold the burner’s weight easily. I take it down when I’m done.

Ok, I must have tea now… and more heat. It looks like another herbal bath is in order tonight. I hope this pain lets up. I can’t say it’s a flare up but I can say the pain is bothersome enough to frustrate everything I do including read, write, eat, walk and breathe. If I don’t feel some kind of improvement in the next week I’m going to have to go back on steroids.


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