Eviction Update. Mad Cow. Boil the Bunny.

mad cowsIt’s difficult to feel as though my personal problems are worth complaining about when the world is a mess and leaders trample over basic human rights and are void of basic human decency. Even though there is global discord, domestic discord doesn’t stop.

Today I was to have an inspection by the manager and maintenance man. They were to show up sometimes between 10 am and 5 pm. At 10:15 am I got a letter in my door saying the manager is rescheduling the inspection. This is the 3rd reschedule. I opened the door as she tried to slither away. I told her that this isn’t acceptable to keep putting this off. She said all the other residence are rescheduled, too. She said, I can’t do anything right for you….. I didn’t respond…… I said, the other residence weren’t denied a lease or told they are being evicted. She said, you’re on a lease Faith, until the end of this month. I said, you know very well I’m not on a lease, you denied me and tried to evict me. I said, I’m not on a lease. I said, you know what the letter said. She said, if you allow us in on the 25th of the month then you can sign another lease.  I said, I contacted your supervisor about this farce.

In today’s exchange, she told me what I needed to know. I will be signing a new lease.

I love how she tried to say that my lease isn’t up until the end of this month. I said, every single lease I’ve signed has been May 1st. She said, the records I have say June 1st. I said no. I moved in April 2013. I keep very good records with digital back ups. June doesn’t come in this at all other than on the letter where you tried to evict me. 

Some people are so manipulative and that lie and cheat and are so morally depraved that they seep sludge. They can’t see anything other than their immediate desires, to heck with everyone else. She is one vindictive, me, me, me, will hurt anyone to get what I want, Single White Female, ‘boil the bunny’, bag of deranged pathology.

There are two different issues that put her in the boil the bunny category 1) her despicable behavior toward others where sexual relations were involved and where she became violent or passive aggressive  2) what she’s doing to me with obsession and aggression without a sexual relation or attraction.

I haven’t given specific details about what she did in her sexual relationships but I have said she’s willing to hurt people to get what she wants and then try to justify her behavior. This is information from her, information I told her I don’t want to know but she kept calling to tell me about.

When she said we should be friends I said no but that didn’t stop her from harassing me about it. She called me nearly every day. She left messages, she caught me in the hallway. She asked for my email address, asked if we could text. I finally said, I do not want to be your friend. You have done xyz and that tells me you’re not someone I want to associate with. I said, you purposely hurt people to get what you want, purposely. She gave an excuse. I said, leave me alone. Did that stop her calling me? Nope! She kept on until I got mean and said, I do not want anything to do with you. I don’t like you at all. I wrote to her supervisor about it and provided the letters from her.

The next step of harassment has been to mess with my rent receipts by not signing them. She holds my rent checks until the middle of the month before cashing it. Now she’s come up with this thing about how I allegedly refused to allow her in my apartment back in November, only she’s just now bring this up….. Boil the bunny, Single White Female – can’t let things go, all about you, psychopathy = mad cow disease!!!!

I'm not your typical bunnyShe has in written form, threatened to evict me and threatened to withhold maintenance. I reported it to her supervisor and sent copies of those letters. The woman is the bane of my existence. Why her supervisor puts up with her is beyond me.

No, I am not moving. I’m not your typical bunny. This is my home and no psycho is going to chase me from it.


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