I took a much needed break from the news. Last night I read a bit and shook my head. They are madmen.

I guess not being part of the Paris Climate Deal means the US isn’t willing to lie anymore. I can just hear it now, “We’re going to ruin the earth, why lie about it?”

“We’re going to send bio-hazardous materials to 3rd world countries and ruin their soil then blame them for it, why lie about it?”

“We actively destroyed Chinese soil. We’ve murdered and maimed adults and children who work and live around our hazardous factories. Why lie about it?”

I do not agree with abortion, but I understand that there are reasons to have one. I don’t agree with killing in or out of the womb. Unfortunately the global gag order doesn’t cover ‘children without a womb’ so it’s okay to slaughter 3rd world children by poisoning the ground, water and air with factories owned and operated by US parties.

Emissions? Carbon fingerprint? Global warming and destruction of rainforest, unstabilized ecosystems? They used to lie and say they cared, now they don’t. If that money goes where he said it should go then his friends can kill in bigger, better, faster ways then leave soldiers and their families struggling to cope just the way they do now.

As a side note – It’s always taken individuals to secure change. No law can change attitudes or beliefs. No law can change morality. It is nothing short of immoral to destroy the earth or harm those who live on it.


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