I felt somewhat stressed and concerned that the landlord held on to a manufactured gripe from November until April with the intent to get me evicted. I’ve been sitting in this apartment doing my own thing, having little contact with her, living comfortably in my space, unaware that she was planning this. She expected me to move, expected me to sign a piece of paper saying I agree to breaking my lease. She didn’t get her little prize of me moving out so I can fully expect her to be even more underhanded and vindictive.

The possibility of violence is high. That’s what Dr. D and I discussed today in session, that the possibility of violence from her is high. This is the woman who was served a restraining order at work because of violence. She has a weapon and is willing to threaten others with it.  She’s a self serving, materialistic, vindictive, louse.

I can see I’ll need to get a copy of the inspection results for my personal records because this woman is trippin’.

I’m going to send the owner a quick thank you card for preserving my home.

Dr. D and I primarily talked about the manager and how this issue has played a big role in my level of anxiety, until I plugged that anxiety flow. I have no desire to battle this woman nor do I have the extra energy to waste. This month I’ve got a dental appointment every single week. At some point I’m going to have to get in to the eye doctor about my sight and cluster headaches. I need to look for a new psychiatrist because Dr. M is retiring in October. Dr. D, my psychologist, isn’t retiring but he is going on vacation the last week of June, which works well for me because of all the dental stuff.

This is the 2nd of the month. My deposit came early because the 3rd is on a week end. I paid all my bills today, including rent and will put some back so I can get the violin off Ebay. I’m pleased to have booze money this month. lol A house without a $10 bottle of wine is not a happy household. Robert got his time in the session. Emery is quiet and somewhat at peace now that the old name has been stripped of her.



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