A bit nervous.
I slept most of today, exhausted from yesterday’s outing, not looking forward to Friday’s outing.

I woke screaming No bc my mother chased my sister and me with a knife. In a different dream my sister held me hostage, in the second dream my mother held me and my sister hostage. Just as I thought we were getting her calmed down, a roommate came home and demanded to know what was going on. Ugliness. I tried to use the phone to call for help but I wasn’t able. I woke screaming no as she tried to stab me.

I cleaned up my FB page and pretty much set as much to private as possible. I’ve never been comfortable using that particular account to do anything other than have a place where my sister can write to me if she wants to. She’s been blocked from that account since I had to close down the Sundrip Little Duck account bc I refuse to upload ID to FB. They have to be crazy to think I’d upload a photo ID to them. I have no update concerning my sister. I’ve not seen our mutual acquaintance again. I don’t even know if she’s alive bc I can’t bring myself to type her name in the obituaries.

I have more dental work to do.

I mentioned a bit ago that I at times feel like I want to just walk away from everything and disappear. I wouldn’t do that. Having that feeling is a symptom, not a plan. It tells me there are some emotional things that need to be addressed very soon. I’m overwhelmed. On top of overwhelmed I’m hormonal. I could use some stability. I’m sticking very closely to the healthiest of my friends here in Indy. I need upbuilding conversation. I need reality based friends who understand I am a part time visitor to it.

Betty and I have done a lot better but I still have very limited contact with her.

Right now the frogs are great but one of them is on my last nerve!!! I hate his bark. He bark is like the sound of a fire alarm when the battery is low. Its a high pitched beep, again and again and again. It’s a release call bc Steve is forever trying to mate with him but my goodness, that sound is so high pitched and horrible. No one tries to mate with Steve. That boy is huge and rather dominant. He’ll wait for Guy to catch a cricket then take it right out of his mouth, fight him for it. Steve can be aggressive. Guy lives on the other side of the tank and won’t even cross over bc Steve is so aggressive with him. Steve and Flip Flop go where they want to go, Guy is banished to the corner. I need to rectify that situation.

Jane is waiting for dinner. Seeing as how I didn’t get up until around 5 pm, I’m waiting for my first meal since late yesterday.

I’m not sure when the issue with the comment section on the WP feed will be resolved. People can leave comments by visiting the blog itself. This is also where the galleries are and my updated Etsy art.


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