Nostalgic Memories – The sweetest thing on taps

Tom the tap dancer It’s a bad selfie, I know, but my phone doesn’t have a forward facing camera. That’ll be a must have feature on my next one… anyway….

People talk to me all the time wherever I go. Today I initiated the conversation because as a man walked by, his foot made a sound I recognized so I said to him, “Are you wearing taps?” He then explained he’s been tap dancing in ballrooms rooms for years and has a performance tonight at some sort of event. His shoes are new and he needed more time to break them in. Tom did a little dance for me right there in Kroger. I sooooo loved it.

My grandfather was a great dancer.

My grandparents had a ball room on the ground floor in their home. That’s the room with the impressive professional bar and a functioning waterfall. If you go through another door across the room, you enter the area where harder partying and poker were played. That room was decorated with dancers on the walls which my late aunt painted. There were arcade size games like pinball and Ms. Pacman. It was very laid back, but the ballroom areas was always formal.

I loved to see my grandfather dance and loved hearing his daughters brag about his performances when they were younger. Though the reason for going to his childhood orphanage wasn’t positive, I loved seeing where my grandfather grew up. I loved the idea that I could see the same night stars he laid by the pond to see. I loved the idea that the ground I walked on was the same ground he lead a horse on or messed about with friends.

I was rather nostalgic at the store when Tom danced for me. What a treat. As you can see in the photo, he got an ear to ear smile with that small performance. Tom was the sweetest thing on taps. He made my heart smile as I remember my grandfather playing to the audience.

4:30pm EST

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