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The Armageddon Sleeper

This morning I woke to no electricity. My first thought was, "I paid that bill. What the heck!!!" Then I thought, crap, I don't have hot tea. As I got my phone to call the electric company to see what's going on, I went over in my mind how to make a cup of hot tea using a clay flower pot and tea candles. BTW - this is not a good heating source for your home., ... Let me see........ Don't leave the room while its heating, don't use too many candles, do research on how to do this...all other disclaimers apply.

Okay, so, with the tea emergency resolved I called the electric company and found out there had been a storm and that lights in my neighborhood would be back on in half an hour. Liars. lol It took two.

I can sleep through just about anything. I sleep like a rock! I bet I'd sleep through Armageddon if someone didn't wake me.

"Faith, get up!"
"Girl, what's wrong with you waking me like that!"
"Get up. He's back."
"Christ. He's here. Girl, get up!"

No time for tea.


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