Don’t cha love good, cheap eats?marked down from $23.11 to $8.38

Earlier today I put the filling for homemade samosa filling in the crockpot and let it to simmer. I’ve had a few already and really enjoyed them. I’ve divided them into little portions for freezing so I can take them out and make more when I want them.

I did all the ingredients prep including making my own Masala and my own curry powder, but I cheated and used a store bought pastry. I think instead of beef I’ll use lamb next time.

I’ve been craving chicken burritos. I need to make Spanish rice if I’m going to do that…. At least my appetite is still good. lol I made African donuts the other day as well as plantain fritters. These little treasures go with my tea time in the evening. I don’t need a huge snack, just something nice to go along with late tea.

The other day I found one of my prize sales. I found pork chops for a steal. The original price was $23.11 marked down to $8.38. I love sales like that. I got 9 thick cut pork chops. That’s how I get good eatin’ on my budget. :-) 

I asked the guy at the meat counter to divide the package so I could freeze them in smaller quantities. They did the same for my chicken breasts. I so appreciate good customer service.

Of course we have to get fresh veggies and fresh fruits, which I totally love. This month I’ve been killin’ fresh lemonade. I wanted to try lavender lemonade and did…. that’s the first lavender item I can say is nasty! Thank goodness I only made a small amount. So far I’ve made lemon and fresh raspberries and lemon with fresh strawberries. I also made strawberry mango water. Good stuff.

I’m no longer a professional chef but I’m still one at heart. 🙂


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