I’m out of it but only because I’ve had no sleep.
Oh, hey, I painted yesterday. I painted in watercolor. I did flowers of course.

I’ve fallen asleep standing up or sitting here in front of the computer.
The sleepiness feels more like exhaustion that finally takes over. There’s a suction away from wake. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well. I’m tired, trying to keep my eyes open but there’s this very uncomfortable feeling that sucks me away until I lean and jerk myself away trying to sit back up.
When I fell asleep sitting up I heard snapping sounds, like the sound of a snapping twig. I can hear the people in my head chattering. One female voice gets louder but it disappears as I snap awake. I have no idea what she’s or they are saying.

Several times I’ve fallen to the side and jerked myself awake. After waking, my immediate thought was, I’m hungry.
I keep touching my neck, jaw and lips which are distorted just slightly. They’re tender to the touch.
Sometimes the intense pain from the broken tooth is so bad I want to cry. It’s painful to touch my jaw, lips or neck, all the way down to the collar bone now. I know my body is going to have fun with this little trauma. The pain has spread. It’s my jaw but the pain includes all the way to the right shoulder top. It includes all the way down from my chin to my chest bone. My lips hurt, my gums hurts.
I’m writing this entry at 4:42 am. I fear if I sleep I won’t wake for the dentist to call me first thing in the morning when she opens.
I’m hungry. I’m thirsty.
I have therapy at 1:15 pm but it’s painful to talk. It’s an over the phone session this time but stating next month Snow will take me to see him twice. I’m so happy about that.

I need this tooth taken out. Through this whole dental ordeal I’m only losing two teeth.
I need to go now. I’ve got several clocks set so I can answer when the dentist calls.
My MJ is right beside me as always with her purr box and beautiful eyes. I can’t read this over for errors. I can’t concentrate enough to do so.


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