The highlight of my week has been to getting poison oak. I’m not upset about it, not really. I’ve got it on my neck and under my chin as well as on my right hand. I’ve been doing alcohol rinses and so it should calm down pretty soon. I was outside looking for a garden snail, but I can’t find one anywhere. I want a garden snail as a pet for a terrarium I have all set up for it. I can’t find a snail but I did find poison oak. oops.

I have one emergency dental appointment tomorrow to manage some of the issues that have come up. Tomorrow I won’t see my regular dental surgeon but a different man and his nurses. I’m nervous about this because I won’t know them. Having a familiar face in the room is helpful. At least with this appointment we fast track the dental saga as a whole. It’s possible I’ll only have two more appointments with my regular dentist after this.

My body is not managing the saga well at all. I’m very, very tired. The emotional stress of going in slashes at my ability to function during for days after the appointment.

I wanted to do something other than get cut on, sleep, get cut on and sleep some more so I went outside looking for a garden snail. That’s how I got poison oak. I have to blame it on the child alters because the adults know those pretty colored leaves are not to be touched. ……. ohhhh, what pretty colors……..  As I said, we aren’t upset about the poison oak. It’s so far down the list of major concerns it’s not even funny. The itch is mild and it’ll run it’s course. So far we’ve managed to stay comfortable.

In other itching news, having too many narcotics in your system WILL make you itch from head to toe and that is horrible.  For many reasons, that terrible itch has subsided.

To ease some of the dental pain, I’ve rinsed my mouth with clove water a few times a day. I don’t have clove oil (yet, I threw some together to infuse) but I went ahead and left cloves to steep in hot water. I think this simple wash does better than the gel, but that’s just me.  I wish I had that Clove and Cinnamon gum I used to get at Woolworth’s as a child. That stuff was great for numbing your mouth, and it was good too. Clove oil is a great antiseptic. I added a bit of cinnamon to mine which will be ready for bottling up in about a month’s time. I usually keep my infusions in the oil for at least that long. I’ve been known to go longer when making tinctures.

Tomorrow at 1 pm these two demon teeth will be yanked out of my head then burned with fire! Okay, that’s not true but, they are being extracted. lol. Then I’ll take narcotics and itch some more, because life has to kick me in the teeth I have left.

I still don’t have a garden snail…..


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