I arrived at the dentist office and had two teeth ripped out of my face. Right now I have a headache behind my right eye and in my jaw, the same headache that brings me to tears and that isn’t touched by 10-325 Vicodin.
I’ve put cold packs on and have laid in the dark. Mary Jane wants nothing to do with me a I turn this way then readjust that way. As a matter of fact, she’s asleep in front of the mirror. Talk about vanity. She’s sleeping next to an image of her furry self. I’d like to sleep.

Out of frustration for the pain I decided I needed to get out of the house. This is the type of pain I want to run from. It’s gnawing, aching, pulsating. It dies down then increases to fill the entire right side of my face and on to the shoulder. I was put on much stronger antibiotics. The extractions hurt so badly!!! The dental situation wasn’t done by my regular surgeon because this was an emergency appointment.

When I just couldn’t sit with this pain any longer I talked to the little ones and let them know the bigs will take the lead in finding a snail today. It rained and I thought we might be able to find something. On one of the last big we trees looked at there was a tiny, tiny little snail. He’s so itty bitty I wonder if he’ll even make it. Soon we’ll go out and look again, especially since we now know that there may be so little ones on the trees instead of mixed in leaf piles.

We brought the little snail home and placed him in his aquarium with a tiny bit of fresh spinach, a tiny bit of fresh strawberry and a tiny bit of carrot.

I continue to sketch when at all possible but I’ve not scanned work in quite some time. It’ll get done.

My head hurts so bad. I only had two extractions, but I’m hoping there are only two more dental reconstructions. I’m exhausted with this crap. It’s time for a cold pack on my head.

I did at least get both paintings out in the mail the other day so that’s been taken care of. I’ve had some local sales. One person is purchasing a mix of my tea call “Sit4AWhile”. She also likes the blend I do with Rooibos. It would be nice to get a could of tea orders, that would be cool.

Even better is to put a cold pack on my head and turn the lights out. This is a migraine behind my right eye. I’m not sure what the pain is on my neck and shoulder but it hurts pretty bad. There are round balls of tissue under the skin on my upper chest/shoulder on the right that hurt like nobodies business. If I expect any kind of relief tonight, I’d better get in my traction machine.


3:04am EST – 6-24-17

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