I’m so mad I can’t see straight! The changes that has taken place on Etsy have mad things very difficult.

One of the things I strongly believe is that customers understand the ins and outs of original art sales. There are always questions about why things have changed, why some items cost more than others and how prices are set. I want to be able to speak directly to customers so they understand not just the story behind the art but behind the scenes before it arrives on your door step. This is a world where information is gold. Open your pockets cause I’m about to fill it with info.

Shells - SOLDI made a sale today of some very pretty pink shells. I expected to go to my PayPal account and see the money but nope! The new forced way of Etsy Pay means I don’t get the sale money of $14.00 until I make $25.

My item. My time. Their money.

So what do I do now? I’ve gone in and arranged things so that nothing falls under $25.00. That’s not fair to customers at all. I hate that. I want to offer a variety of items. I was about to include antique buttons and clay pieces I made that would not have cost $25.00.

I’m so mad I could almost cry!!!! Literally real tears. You’re kidding me??? You’re telling me I work my butt off, advertise, get exposure, get a sale but I don’t get the money?  Even selling another piece today to go from $14 to $25, I’d still not get paid until NEXT Monday! Really?

Y’all thought this was a reasonable? I don’t think Etsy read the entry about my anger issues!!! Etsy is supposed to call me. …. (cue crickets). I know….I know…. this can’t be a phone call like with my GP. The call from Etsy will be so zen. I will speak in a reasonable way. My words will be free of sarcasm as I speak to corrupt Etsy. OMG!!!!

Trees Lot Art Sale

I work so hard on that Etsy shop. I arrange and rearrange the items on a regular basis to give people a fresh view of the shop. I update policies and try to offer a variety of items with a range of prices. I want to do right by my customers. I want options, quality, fun. I want fine art, experimental art, vintage Indian scarves. Sundrip was going Artisan until Etsy gave me a wake up call. 

I’ve been selling art for more than 12 years but I just realized that I now work for Etsy. The fees for selling on Etsy are this: There’s a fee to list, a fee for selling and a fee for the way the person pays. Yes, three sets of fees per sale item. If a person purchases 3 individual items from I pay 3 sets of fees per item. Do I have a choice? I do not. I am required to accept what they call “Etsy Pay.” Now you know why prices an fluctuate. But I try to be reasonable. I don’t want to pass these costs on to customers. I try my best to keep prices reasonable. You can read more about how I price my art here.

Lot of Three Surreal Art Therapy

Here is how I’ve changed some of the prices and listings. In some instances I’ve created lots. I’ve combined art pieces into two or three pieces for one price without jacking the price sky high. I considered this as a way of a clearance sale but Etsy has forced my hand.

Lot of 2 black and white line artAs far as butterflies and vintage wallpaper cut out that were to be offered on ETSY, I will need to offer them here on Sundrip via PayPal. It’s cleaner, faster, easier. I prefer that with all my art, to just go through PayPal. I need to figure out how to sell solely from my website so that situations like this don’t impede the transfer of art from my studio to your walls.

Butterflies cut from dried leaves - available only on SundripI need to work on selling primarily from Sundrip, I have somewhere to go today which means I can’t think about Etsy right now. There will be an exercise in putting this situation away until I can manage it.

Despite my rant and the update on Etsy, you can be sure that you will always get more than you expected from Sundrip art.

Deep breathing and TRUST that I’ll always have enough.


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8 thoughts on “Customers in the kNOw – ETSY stinks!

  1. Have you heard of Fine Art America? My friend Paul Lovering sales his artwork there. I know this wouldn’t work for your dolls, but it might be an option for your paintings at least.

    1. Hello there!!! :0)
      I thought they only did prints? Do they also let you sell original artwork? I’ll have to check it out.

      Good to see your name.

      I’d been to your square something blog location. I can’t remember the name now, but it showed you hadn’t written in a very long time. It worried me. I hope you are still writing.

      Thank you for the tip.

  2. Oh, maybe they do just do prints. I hadn’t thought of that.

    I set my blog to private for a while as I’m trying to shield it from someone. I’ll make it public again soon.

    I sent you an email weeks ago.

        1. I’ll send it privately okay? There’s contact info on the sidebar by where to purchase art. You can use that address or I can write to the one associated with the one you used when leaving a comment.

  3. Thank you for sharing your blog both the personal post and your art. Despite these setbacks with Etsy, you still inspire me toward my own goals. I think as more and more people start working independently such as selling items online, these host websites will add on more ways to collect money from its vendors. I know they have administrative costs and such but these added requirements are leaning into the territory of corporate greed.

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