I didn’t think about much at all. I just did the things I love. It was a much needed day of solitude, a mini mental vacation.

She is a shining star, this furry one.

She melts my heart when she does the slow blink.

Mary Jane is an integral part of the process of slowing down to smell the flowers.

weeds? i'm good with that. I’ve been working on my terrariums, adding this, removing that as well as letting them be.

I was told these are weeds. I don’t know. What I do know is there are plenty in the yard of an abandoned, boarded up house and that they have done well in various terrarium set ups. A month or so ago I walked 8 blocks round trip to get these bad boys! 

There was trouble in paradise when Steve became very aggressive with his tank mate.  Guy was all but banished to the corner of the terrarium, keeping Flip Flop all to himself. She keeps refusing his advances.Flip Flop at home on the waterfall

The aggression and dominance were in the form of biting and kicking. Of course I couldn’t have that so I researched then tore everything down and started from scratch. Now Guy has an area to get away from Steve. It’s a nice plush area with a water hole and two interlocking caves. It is too cute for words to see little Guy’s head pop out of the tunnel when I approach their home. Adorable.

I have been working on getting their ecosystem to support isopods, and snails. The day I see a mushroom grow in there is the day I do another happy dance! …. I love every second of reading about how to balance an ecosystem such as this.

Right now I’ve got two moss walls in that tank that are doing very well. There was an oops that affected the moss, turning it orange. I dried it and re-purposed it for color in their newly designed home.

Flip Flop and SteveThis is an apple snail from the larger aquarium.
Apple Snail lives with African Clawed FrogThe snail lives with a few live bearers and one African Clawed Frog (Congo). Pete the ACF is docile which gives me more room for tank mates.

He has a few livebearers in there which are healthier to eat than goldfish and they reproduce well. They’re visually pleasing and are a great snack. Pete has a varied diet with Reptomin at its base.

Shy Pete is now 13 years old. He’s a healthy boy that spends his days foraging under driftwood or hanging out on philodendron roots and leaves. To better balance the tank I removed the plants from the water and let the roots hang in, but top is still secure so that Pete can’t get out. The filtration is submerged which lets me work with different kinds of tops.

A much needed mini vacation.

I pinched plants, smiled at new growth, moaned over struggling hens and chicks and swooned over the rolling hills of moss in a 2.5 gallon aquarium. I cleaned the leaves of my juniper plants and dusted off ornamental driftwood. I checked on the terrarium with 5 land snails and gave Mary Jane a slow blink. It was a good day.


July 6th, 2017 1:43 am

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