I didn’t sleep like I said I was going to, instead I took advantage of the cessation of rain. There are a few trees prime for moss and potential snail finds so I put on my beat up sneakers and took a walk. There were few cars, me and a guy on a bicycle who abruptly crossed the street to the flow of traffic, had there been any. At the time he crossed I was under a tree with a container in my hand and a few small gardening tools, gloves included and an eye out for those nasty plants that like to make you itch.

I didn’t find any snails but I was able to find some bea-u-tiful mosses. I’ve been reading about moss, too. I’ve been learning what moss will grow best inside and for how long. This lets me know that having a full moss yard for the doll house may not be possible, still, ideas swim in my head.

I got home and was past tired. I moved right on into anxious. I should have slept after therapy but I pushed a 15 min walk.

Two days have passed since a meal has hit my stomach. If we count these early hours this makes three. I need to go eat something but my stomach isn’t holding anything. I am nauseous, nauseous and tired. I climbed in bed and grabbed my tablet thinking I’d read a little. The only voice I wanted to hear was the Bible so I read a few chapters taking me to Revelation eighteen. I closed it down and went to sleep. That was around 8:30 pm or so. Here it is 2:18 am and I’m still hungry, still tired and still not willing to sleep without a fight.  It’s time for light soup and an animal documentary binge session.



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