After a bit we decided to run to the store for some yogurt and cheerios. While there my pain level rose. I tried so hard not to panic. I did deep breathing but I panicked. I was sitting in the wheelchair with my head in my hands crying hard but silently. My friend says she’s never known anyone to cry hard and not make a sound. I just do. Exhaustion plays a part in my inability to handle round two with any type of ……..anything. I just bent over and cried….in public.

I’ve shopped at that store for ten years, they know me.

Again, I had seconds before I rose from a level 8 to a full blown ten. I pulled the chair over and let it pass. Forget the public, forget embarrassment, forget it. My body is going to do what it’s going to do and I’m going to come out on the other side stunned like I’ve never experienced this before, like hey, where did that come from, that’s not normal. I’m always stunned.

I brought home almond butter. I have beet root because I need to detox badly. I hardly ever do the beet root detox. Why am I still talking? I’m so tired i can’t even see straight. Here I am fighting sleep….again. I just don’t want to lay down.

I purchased heavy whipping cream so I can add it to fruit smoothies.

I give. I’m going to sleep.

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