It hasn’t even been a year since I was diagnosed with CRSD.

CRSD extreme sweatingThis isn’t normal sweating. It’s not a hotflash, it’s a 10 min or so flush of water in excess of what the body needs to cool itself. This episode lasted long enough that I decided to photograph it. Noteworthy is that I’m standing beside the air conditioner when this episode took place.

There’s no certain time of day, no specific weather conditions I’ve tracked and no relation to hotflashes related to the change. Those hotflashes feel very different.

When it comes to extreme, excessive sweating and CRSD, I don’t necessarily feel hot. What I feel is a sudden change, maybe a tad bit light headed and then the downpour.

The sweating can last up to 20 min and can be body wide.
If you like mysteries and a turn at every corner, you’ll love CRSD. It’s wonderful for your self image, too.

When in public and I start sweating hard, people look at me with worry. Within minutes my hair is soaked, I’ve got sweat dripping off my chin, rolling down my temples and falling over my forehead. These public sweatings are a great conversation starter for the caring individuals who have gathered around to watch the shower and see if I’m going to pass out.

I take out my small hand towel and begin to remove sweat because when I stop sweating I’m going to be very cold. I’m wet and, cold to boot. The shirt will have to be replaced with a dry one, there’s no way I can keep that shirt on because of how wet it is. But if you love fashion and want to do a slippery when wet exhibit of your outfits, then this is the condition for you!!! Here are some other physical issues  associated with CRSD.

Strong today. Strong tomorrow.

A purple ribbon is for Lupus and orange ribbon is for CRSD. I never thought I’d combine those colors.

strong today strong tomorrow I need a therapy session. Monday isn’t that far away.

I turned down an invite to go out because my body is very sensitive to touch right now. The cat’s tail against my legs was excruciating. A scarf that dangled down to my legs, excruciating. I thought I’d stay in and do some low key things, keep things simple.

I have therapy Monday and a dental appointment Tuesday. I think that’s the last dental appointment.

I got word today that one last script that should have been approved for refill wasn’t. The date it was due to be refilled wasn’t the same as the others but I should have been able to get it refilled since it fell within the 30 day notice. He chose not to. Despite this total and complete lack of decency on his part, I do have enough muscle relaxers to make it for a little while without a script….. To deny a patient important medication is to reject your oath. I’d like to extend and invitation to that doctor to jump off a cliff.

It’s going to be important for me to throw away negative anger concerning the old GP and go ahead and enjoy the next few days of emotional recovery. The interesting thing about anger is it’s complexity. It’s not always destructive. It doesn’t have to tear down. It doesn’t have to engulf or sit still. Anger can motivate me, and it has. But I have to battle the emotionally hurt anger right now because it would be better to be in session with my therapist.

I know I’ll cycle through different types of anger, but I want very much to focus on being motivated to keep going despite a slap to the face. The best way for me to recover emotionally is to do something for others. This works for me. Even though I wasn’t able to assist my group with the recent surgery patient, I can make the get well card for that person, and encouragement / support cards for family members in caretaker roles. I appreciate having a part, even if I can’t physically be there.

I’ve got plans for a few good DVD’s but I’m going to skip that popcorn ’cause I don’t think the odds are in my favor. Tentatively my evening meal is left over lasagna, garlic bread and red wine. Realistically, my evening meal is a small portion of left over lasagna and iced tea, a few hours later I may have to get into some puff-puffs aka “mikaté”.


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2 thoughts on “CRSD and Extreme Sweating * Strong today. Strong tomorrow.

    1. I’m not going to run out. There were a few mistakes made and changes in dosage so I ended up with more than I should have had. I’m good.

      And yeah, the sweating situation is kinda irritating but its not the worst thing in the world, it looks worse than it is. People watching me sweat like that seem to think I’m about to fall out or something.

      Good thing I don’t wear a lot of white shirts or I’d reveal a bit too much.

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