This is a whirlwind journal entry, a roller coaster journal entry with a bit of resolution at the end of the second part of it.

The old GP’s office called twice today, once this morning and then directly after hanging up from my therapy session. The GP’s office wanted to remind me that I am no longer their patient and to say a third time that the script for the muscle relaxer had been denied. This has been well established. Thank you for that.

Then……as soon as my super heavy phone session with Dr. D ended the old GP’s office called AGAIN. This time the GP said he was willing to write me a script for 30 pills, not a refill but 10 days worth of medication. I was then told to make it last. “Make it last.” 

I took the opportunity to explain to triage nurse R how devastating it is to have him drop me like this. I told her that I put up with his attitude for two years then got dropped on my head. I said, now he wants me to make ten days worth of medication last for 30 days. Tell him his dog says thank you for the biscuit. She then said, “Now ‘I’m offended. I went back there and asked him for that medication for you. If you want him to know you’re upset about him dismissing you then you can tell him yourself”. I said, how did I offend you? She said, I’m ending this conversation. Have a good day. … um, what???? What just happened?

That’s the moment I realized the world has gone mad. This is crazy!!!

How is that offensive to her? She said, I went back there and talked to him and told him you wouldn’t have anything to hold you until your new appointment. I said, but if he can write 10 days, he can give the 30 day refill without telling me to make it last. What he gave me was a biscuit and it’s insulting and typical of him. She said, I’m hanging up. Good Luck, Faith. ……

They called me twice today, once to remind me they denied the medication and that I’d been “dismissed from the practice” then they called to toss salt on a wound, but I’m still in the wrong!!! What?

When she told me “Good luck” I told her to keep her biscuit. You keep those 30 pills. She said, you want me to retract the script? I said, I don’t want the biscuit. Don’t throw me scraps and think it’s okay. It’s not.

I am in no shape to do another dental appointment. That has been cancelled.

The second part is here.

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