I’ve rested a bit. I’ve done some reading and spent time with friends. I’ve managed a few sketches in my notebook and decided to snap a few shots 🙂

Half of Whole

These are two page sketchbook drawing using watercolor and colored pencil. Both have a lot of color but the one just below in grayscale was created with rich earth tones.

Hue Rich Depleted

This is the sketch at the opening of the entry with a PicsArt filter.

Half of Whole Reversed

Though yesterday was physically painful, it wasn’t anywhere close to the emotional and physical pain of Monday. Today continues to be quiet. I intend to do very light housekeeping and to study a little bit for a meeting on Wednesday.

A small dinner is in the convection oven that automatically turns itself off. I’m having a pork chop and green beans with potatoes. I also have a tiny little dessert made primarily of ladyfingers, heavy whipping cream, a tad bit of cocoa and amaretto.

I think the best thing I ever did to promote portion control was to purchase small cookware. Everything from skillet to stockpot is small. Even my baking dishes are small…… bread pans are the regular size.

My girl Janie hasn’t felt well for about a week but she appears on the mend. She’s more active. The other day a moth got in the house and Jane looked at it like, “Why do you mock me?” She didn’t even try to kill it. In her younger years I had to limit the amount of torture time for such things. She was allowed 5 min to torture bugs then it was either kill it or I’m letting it go. She would all but give it CPR so she could torture it again. Pitiful. But in the last 7 days or so she was so lethargic I thought about setting up an appointment with the vet. She’s eating and drinking just fine but she isolated herself in the corner and was rather fussy. She’s doing very well today. She let me brush her and clean her ears. I gave her a tiny bit of wet food as a treat for her cooperation. She’s food driven still so that’s good. I am too and can’t wait for my meal to finish.


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