Finding Up - The view from down hereThis evening I’ll go to services at the Hall but at half point I’ll be taken home by another Lupie. She’s part of the group I work with. I would like to stay for the entire meeting but I know I’m not physically up to it.

When I go to the Kingdom Hall I sometimes sit in the auditorium with everyone else but there have been times when my pain level has risen to the point that I need to lie down, in which case I go to the library and roll out my exercise mat. This is the photo from the floor of the room.

No, you won’t find me back there doing leg stretches. It’s just more comfortable using the purple mat on top of the carpet.

I talk a lot about ‘yoga’ that I do but I should be very clear in that I don’t practice yoga. I do stretches that assist in pain relief and build muscles in areas that have weakened due to chronic illness. In that spirit, I was taught several exercises tailored to my health situation. This is important because some of the exercises on line would work against me. Having guidance lets me avoid accidental harm. 

I also use a neck traction machine and a heavy foam roller. I have a core muscle building cord as well as 1 pound weights.

As far as yoga goes. I know many use it regularly and they have the free will to do so. What I’m about to say has to do with me and no one else.

The reason I don’t practice yoga is because of its religious connections. The first page of The Yoga Journal explains very well the religious connection, as does this link to Chakra.  I only practice my religion which means I refrain from the formal yoga practices and spiritual poses. Is it that big of a deal to stretch in a yoga pose if it helps me? It matters to me. There are poses that deal with the ‘third eye’, poses that celebrate the sun as the giver of life. Many of the poses are linked to religious expressions that I don’t wish to take part in. I don’t give thanks to the sun or the universe. Nor do I give thanks to rivers or anything other than to one God. This choice is mine just as it is the choice of others to see it as being just fine for them.

Good health is important. Leaning on aged and well proven forms of herbalism has helped me tremendously. Although I still have quite a few issues, I would have even more if I accepted the amount of medication I’ve been asked to take. Those medications give little relief but offer side effects I’m not willing to live with. Well administered herbalism or alternative medicine, has done more for me than the medications I turned down.

I’ve been given good training and understanding of what to use and for how long. I had a good teacher and currently have a good source I can call or meet in person for questions. That being the case, I have quite the arsenal of tinctures, creams, lotions, oils and gels. The photo shows (from left to right) 1) Passion Flower tincture, 2) Cinnamon, honey and lemon in alcohol base 3) Ginger and white turmeric tincture which includes several other ingredients. To bottle them I’ve chosen air tight, glass, amber bottles. Oils are stored in the same type only they’re blue.  Lotions and gels are stored in milk glass type bottles with the same air tight cap.

I hope to soon begin working with fresh aloe because it will be very helpful to my .. um … bottom issue. 🙂  Now that I’m past the point of screaming due to this fissure, I can fast track healing from the inside out, and outside in.


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