Let the River Wash Over Me - SOLD - Redbubble prints available Snow and her husband were here today but I wasn’t able to get up and greet them. They did what they came to do and left. I’ve been here in bed most of the day. I checked the news and got on FB for a minute. My body is screaming, even my scalp hurts. The weather is changing and that’s a problem.

I’m not depressed right now just in, ‘here we go again’ mode. Some call it self pity and that’s fine. I was in bed thinking, the rest of the world is living but I’m hugging the wall in bed with a voice inside saying,, ‘help me.’

It occurred to me that I should contact the doctor that diagnosed the CRSD to see if he can assist in any way.

I have the violin to put letters in to my brother. Getting it came too close to the suicide of Chester Bennington which brings up a lot of emotion in me. My mind keeps getting tripped up until I redirect my attention to painting, reading or sleeping.

I need one thing off my plate, just one thing and I think I can keep going. It’ll be Monday soon and I’ll talk to Dr. D. The therapy session I had Friday was so intense and resulted in a lot of painting and a lot of nightmares.

It’s late but I’ve got a small meal waiting for me in the kitchen then I’m going to go to sleep.

Sunday is the day I change the water in the fish tank which means the plants get watered, too.

August 2nd I go to Goodwill to look for a second hand exercise bike and equipment for encaustic work. August is when I usually stock up on art supplies for the year. It’s the perfect time because the new school year is starting and supplies are on sale.

I updated the Featured Art gallery with the theme “A few strokes away.”

10:34 pm EST July 22, 2017

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