I went to bed but I didn’t get to sleep until about 5 am. I sketched and painted the whole time.

While having the most beautifully brewed cup of tea you’ve ever tasted, my friends proclaimed the painting a total success. They said its the single greatest painting in the history of paintings.

I got up to take meds but didn’t get up for good until 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  I needed that sleep. I said I needed one thing off my plate to feel like I can keep going. I was never specific about what I needed because I didn’t know. I also haven’t asked for a certain amount of time that it stay off my plate. Each day will have its own anxiety. I just need to make sure my plate isn’t so full all the time that I can’t bear the weight. I was able to rest which makes carrying today’s plate a bit easier.

I checked the news. (shakes head) Honestly, when I saw the bit about Trump and family pardons, I laughed. Trump’s intense, fiery hatred for all things right and moral may be the greatest cause of global warming. His nut job, narcissistic antics will, in the end, harm him and those who are around him. You are who your friends are. If you hang with good people you’ll fare better.

I’ve got an easy dinner in the convection oven and a cup of Earl Grey and lavender waiting for me. My late evening will end with a nice bath and more sketching. For the sake of sanity, getting an update on world news has been cancelled.


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