TR: Is witnessing the abuse of siblings harmful emotionally and physically?

I asked Dr. D that question because I recently saw a show about how damaging it is to children who witness domestic violence. It is good to know that nowadays it is possible to protect your rights with the help of experienced lawyer. Check out for details. The professional on the show said its damaging emotionally and physically. That lead me to wonder if it’s true that it’s physically and emotionally damaging for a child to witness the abuse of a sibling. He said yes. I figured it would be emotionally damaging but I wasn’t sure how it would be physically damaging. He said it has to do with mind/ body connection. That’s when I understood. Ah, we get back to how PTSD can, will and does ravage the body.

* Emotions involve a chemical reactions that touch almost every part of the body.
* An emotion isn’t some random happening that’s over as quickly as it occurred.
* There’s a trail of chemical reactions long after conscious awareness of the emotion.

It takes a very basic understanding of emotional biochemistry to tell me that yes, seeing my sister, brother and cousins abused long term was emotionally and physically harmful. Being abused and the threat of abuse long term was emotionally and physically damaging. To this day, I feel the affects of biochemical damage.

I have no answer as to how to correct the damage but it is good to know what’s going on in my body as well as my mind.

There’s a possibility that I will write more entries today. I think it will be helpful because today’s therapy session was again very intense.

Tonight’s dinner will be easy. I’m having Philly steak and cheese with sweet potato fries. I’ve got some studying to do and a list to write for tomorrow’s shopping trip.

The last thing I asked Dr. D before we hung up is, “Am I going to be okay?” He said “Yes, you’re going to be okay.” Thank you. I just needed the reassurance.

July 24th, 2017 4:02 pm – 4:20 pm EST

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